FREE Snowflake Health Check Consultations

Snowflake health checks

Our SnowPros Know Snowflake!

During your 45-minute session, one of our SnowPros will assess your usage and discuss best practices for your Snowflake implementation. The consultation will review:

  • Clustering keys and auto clustering usage

  • Materialized view usage

  • Data ingestion behaviors and patterns

  • Warehousing sizing and utilization

  • Highest consuming workloads

  • Security grants

  • Using Streamlit properly

  • Migrating workloads to Snowflake

Eligibility Requirements: You must already have workloads running on Snowflake and have at least one technical user present in the meeting who knows your Snowflake deployment well.

Set up your Free Snowflake Health Check with one of our SnowPros

Review your usage and learn best practices for your Snowflake implementation